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Solid drummer with 40 years of experience.

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With years of experience under my belt, many studio recordings, and hundreds of shows, you can look me up if you need a drummer. I have three kits, one of which is an electronic kit for smaller venues.

I’ve played in both professional and hobby bands, with styles ranging from country to classic rock, blues to jazz, and metal to top 40 pop. My biggest influences include John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Keith Moon (The Who), and Ian Paice (Deep Purple).



MUSIC festival 2018

Playing drums with Free The Puppies at a concert for veterans in 2018. Songs are “Rise” by Muse and “Good Times” by Led Zeppelin.

Live 1998-1999

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Studio Recordings

Music Styles

Studio 1995-2018

from country to rock

Nelson Colt – 2016

The Whiksey Ain’t Workin’ (Marty Stuart)

Nelson Colt – 2018

Fireman (George Strait)

Nelson Colt – 2018

Cross My Heart (George Strait)

Drum Cover – 2009

Love Gun (Kiss)

Drum Cover – 2019

Raise a Little Hell (Trooper)

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Call or text (613) 255-5274

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